DeVito Shoe Repair: An inside look

DeVito Shoe Repair: An inside look

Throughout the month of January, DeVito Shoe Repair has teamed up with Tamarac Media Co. to showcase shoe repair in downtown Nelson BC.

These are your boots, and this is our story.


Some of the most interesting and well-worn boots that come to our repair shop for resoling have changed the way we rebuild footwear from where we were three years ago.

2018 marks nine years for myself in the repair shop. We have come such a long way in the last few years and the road has not been easy.

Maintaining quality while increasing our volume of repairs was a goal we set in 2015 when we launched our mail-in repairs Canada-wide service after seeing an niche market for quality shoe repair with many shops like ours closing its doors after years of service to the public. The response has been well received and blowing our expectations out of the water. 

I found putting ourselves out there and gaining trust in over 14 stores in BC alone, and now another 8 in Alberta who help market us and steer referrals directly our way was a task in itself. But now, after 3 years and a lot of hard work the response is growing with more than a dozen mail-in repairs hitting the door weekly.


Pride will always produce quality work with no matter what you are doing. I always believe in that. Each boot requires attention to detail which we are promising to give time and time again. It took me almost 6 years to achieve the skills necessary and the confidence to re-work any boot or shoe that comes through the doors. I pride myself on my footwear knowledge and the skills passed on to me from my father and others along the way.


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Thank you for your continued support,

Mat DeVito

DeVito Shoe Repair.